Why Us?

Greg & Lori have been married for 24 years.

Twelve years ago, Lori discovered that Greg was having an affair with another woman. This affair lasted for 3 years which led to a 9-month separation and divorce papers. In addition, Greg disclosed that he had been addicted to pornography since the age of 10. During this difficult time, they reached out to professional counselors, attended sexual addiction/infidelity workshops, and began the process of rebuilding our marriage.

One of the critical parts of the healing process was “discovering that we were not alone”; after hearing a mentor couple describe how an affair devastated their marriage, Greg & Lori were encouraged to stay together and fight the fight. During this time, they realized that they wanted to take our experience and provide hope and encouragement to other couples.

Based on 10 years of personal experience working with individuals and couples, we will listen, empathize, and offer "6 Steps to Begin the Process of Healing from an Affair."

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